Why Us

DNA Analysis Through Saliva

A simple saliva test to unveil the blueprint of your body. No more guessing

Integrated & Robust Scientific Capabilities

We own the proprietary Asian & Caucasian genetic bioinformatics platform and database, skin care and nutritional products formulations and personal lifestyle recommendations.

Most Comprehensive Wellness DNA Testing In South East Asia

We provide a complete genetic testing with actionable personalised solutions covering the most numbers of genetic markers, genes and traits.

Short Turnaround Time

Short Turnaround Time

We have a short turnaround time of 15 working days from sample received to report delivery

User Friendly and Actionable Reports

User Friendly & Actionable Report

Our reports are user friendly and have actionable recommendations written by our experts. Available in various languages including English, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese.

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Partnership Opportunities

Various partnership opportunities, such as B2B, B2B2C, Private Labelling, Lab Services, Report Integration, Events etc.

99.5% Accuracy

Asian and Caucasian reference databases and proprietary bioinformatics pipeline to accurately assess the DNA results of individuals (U.S. Provisional Patent)


Results Driven Personalised Solutions

Customised products (supplements and serum) based on your DNA. Proprietary customised skin serum formulations

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